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 We have various form of Dip switches like Slide type,Piano type,Toggle type,
 Rotary type and Half Pitch(1.27mm Surface mounting) type etc.

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 All mold type Slide switches.
 Vertical knob,Horizontal knob,The various number of contact and circuits.

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 We have Push Switches,Small Switches,Membrane Switches,and
 D-sub connectors etc.

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SGM Ltd. products.
 Low-Profile DIP Switches,7.2mm square body size and Low-Profile
 DIP Rotary Switches,Ultra-miniature Switches etc.

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New model addition
Product name
DES-ME type
ON marking
New model addition
Product name
DHS-C type

Silicon tape type
DPS Series
Enjoy stable
switching by shrp
click feeling.
PDS Series
Ultra-low profile of only 1.8mm with 3.0×3.8mm subminature size
MKK is proof of reliance

 The DIP switch has been engaged in electronic components in 40 or so years,
after carrying out development and production for thefirst timein Japan.
 And Matsukyu adheres to electronic components, and it progresses from now on.

The main handing products
 Dip switches,Slide switches,Membrane switches etc.
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